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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, filing for bankruptcy?

The financial condition of American actor Spencer Pratt and American actress Heidi Montag is apparently weak that there’s a possibility that they’d be filing for bankruptcy.

27-year-old Pratt said that they were immature as a couple for worrying so much about the popular part over the actual business thing. He said that in understanding, they shouldn’t have spent any of their money and should’ve been saved and low-keyed.

The actor added that he thought ‘The Hills’ would be like the original ‘90210’, a popular US TV series, and would have another 5-10 years. He said that the show’s ratings were consistent but never saw ‘Jersey Shore’ coming.

Pratt added that TV audiences were fine seeing them argue before but not they wanted them punching each other in the face and hook up with 3 different people. He admitted that the show got boring and was canceled in obvious reasons.

Pratt concluded that they don’t want sympathy because they did this to themselves and they feel like idiots. But he said that they’ve already grown up and they’re definitely not as naïve as before.


Ricky Martin says he spent years pretending to be a total ladies’ man

Latin pop singer and actor Ricky Martin reveals enjoying lots of affairs with the ladies before he accepted his homosexuality.

The gay singer, who candidly wrote his private life in his autobiography ‘Me’, said that as he denied his true color, he spent years as a womanizer.

The brave homosexual singer said that in the late 90s, he acted like a total ladies’ man since he was young and famous and he’s in the business as an artist to date with every lady crossing his path. Martin revealed that he had stuff with men but always felt him guilty so he didn’t want to think about them.

The ‘Livin La Vida Loca’ singer added that he has felt a strong attraction to guys ever since and likewise with women who had chemistry when being paired with him. However, Martin said that it’s a man who awakened his most instinctual animal self.


Padma Lakshmi takes baby daughter for a stroll


Lakshmi, the Indian-American ‘Top Chef’ host, was seen taking Krishna, her 8-month-old baby daughter, for a stroll around the city of New York last Tuesday.

According to the reports, Krishna was spending the morning in a baby harness having a stroll with her mom.

The host, 40, wore a pink long-sleeved dress with knee-high boots for launching in a restaurant in Manhattan before she left with her daughter and a male companion.

Lakshmi loses her weight after giving birth to Krishna, whose dad is Adam dell, a businessman.

Divorced Salman Rushdie back in 2007, the host said that she’s more concerned about being a mother over finding the right guy for her.

Lakshmi said that she’s excited right now on making her baby daughter happy. And she honestly revealed that she lives and dies by the smallest expressions and gestures on her face. She said she doesn’t need to seek anyone other than her daughter.


Late Michael Jackson gets own Cirque Du Soleil show

The late pop icon Michael Jackson will get his own Cirque Du Soleil show via ‘The Immortal World Tour’ which will open in October 2011 in Canada.

The said show will be combining the choreography and music of the later pop icon with the popular circus troupe’s signature acrobatics.

Stage director and choreographer, Jamie King will direct the production that will be touring 27 cities in Canada and the U.S. He said that it will be all about Michael Jackson.

King said that the show is everything about Michael including his love life, love of music, love of theatricality and magic, love of showmanship and love of animals.

John Branca, Jackson estate’s co-executor, said that the idea is to bring the legendary pop singer to his fans and make the concerts’ feeling in a setting of an arena.

Branca added that this show hasn’t been done before since Cirque hasn’t done with any historic icons such as the Beatles or even Elvis Presley.


Jessica Mauboy reveals paying Snoop Dogg hefty amount to rap

Jessica MauboyJessica Mauboy, an Australian RnB singer, reveals that she paid American rapper Snoop Dogg a hefty amount of money to rap on ‘GetEmGirls’, her song.

21-year-old Mauboy said that she could’ve bought a house with the talent fee she had to pay to 39-year-old Snoop Dogg and 33-year-old Ludacris just to rap on her song.

Mauboy said that she wanted to work with different songwriters since it’s another level. But she said she never did because she would be having Ludacris or Snoop Dogg on one of her tracks.

She added that it was surprising that they loved the songs, so she showed the song to Ludacris, but he hated it. She thinks it wasn’t really his style but she was thinking about Nicki Minaj that time.

Mauboy said that she never thought about Snoop Dogg and never crossed on her mind. But when she heard him on it, she loved it and Snoop loved the track as well. So Snoop wanted to do the rap so he got paid for it and everybody’s now happy.